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Primary Care Mental Health Team – Booking your first appointment


The Western Cheshire Primary Care Mental Health Team in partnership with Western Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group, GPā€™s and primary and secondary care services offers an individualised approach to mental health wellbeing.

How will I know if the service is right for me?

Your first appointment with an experienced Mental Health Nurse offers you an opportunity to discuss your current difficulties and identify specific goals and agree the most appropriate way forward.
As part of this process you will be asked questions about your current difficulties and asked to complete questionnaires. This will enable us to monitor your progress.

Who are we here for?

Many people experience difficult periods of time during their lives which may cause them to feel stressed, anxious, low in mood or depressed, often leaving them with feelings that they are unable to cope.

We offer a range of psychological and social interventions. If the service is not right for you we can refer you to a more appropriate service.
We want to provide the best possible service and to do this we have to assess our effectiveness and continually improve patient

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