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Patient Access Leaflet

Patient Access has been in use in the surgery for some years now and many of our patients are happily using it to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions over the internet.

We have extended the facilities offered using this system so that patients may view their electronic medical records through Patient Access.

When registering for this access, 2 forms of documentation must be provided as evidence of identity. One of these must contain a photo and the other your address e.g utility bill within the last 3 months.

Q. What will I be able to see?

  • Results e.g. blood pressure, blood tests, records of X-rays
  • Vaccinations and immunisations
  • Medications
  • Letters to and from the doctor
  • Allergies, active problems
  • Consultations
  • Examination dates, investigations and outcomes
  • Covid Vaccination/Passport

Q. Can I alter the record?

No. This is a ‘read only’ facility. You can however, print off details to take to e.g. a hospital appointment. If you think that there is something that needs to be changed, you will need to contact the surgery.

Q. What are the advantages for me?

If you are waiting for results you will see them as soon as they are added to your record and you will not have to ring the surgery.

You can look up your list of immunisations

You will be able to view your record at home, overseas, in hospital as an in- or out-patient (e.g. to share with hospital staff), or whenever you want access and have an internet connection.

Q. Is it secure?

Yes, it will be your responsibility to keep your login details and password safe and secure.

If you know or suspect that your record has been accessed by someone that you have not agreed should see it, then you should change your password immediately.

If you can’t do this for some reason, we recommend that you contact the practice so that they can remove online access until you are able to reset your password.

If you print out any information from your record, it is also your responsibility to keep this secure. If you are at all worried about keeping printed copies safe, we recommend that you do not make copies at all.

Q. What about children?

Child access will automatically be disabled when a child reaches the age of 11, a parent/guardian will need to re-apply using the Proxy access Registration Process, where a competent child must authorise the request for Proxy access. This will be at the discretion of a clinician.

People aged 16 or above are assumed to be competent to make an independent and informed decision about whether to ask for someone to have proxy access to their GP online services and record, unless there is an indication that they are not.

Q. What is Proxy Access?

Proxy access refers to access to online services by somebody acting on behalf of the patient and usually with the patient’s consent. To obtain formal proxy access a person must register at the practice for online access to the patient’s record, though the proxy does not have to be a registered patient at the practice.

Q.  Can you turn it off?

Yes. As with the current arrangement, we can turn off the access in part or altogether.

Things To Consider

 Forgotten history – There may be something you have forgotten about in your record that you might find upsetting.

Abnormal results or bad news – When viewing test results or letters, you may see something that you find upsetting. This may occur before you have spoken to your doctor or while the surgery is closed and you cannot contact them. 

Choosing to share your information with someone – It’s up to you whether or not you share your information with others – perhaps family members or carers. It’s your choice, but also your responsibility to keep the information safe and secure. 

Coercion – If you think you may be pressured into revealing details from your patient record to someone else against your will, it is best that you do not register for access at this time. 

Misunderstood information – Your medical record is designed to be used by clinical professionals to ensure that you receive the best possible care. Some of the information within your medical record may be highly technical, written by specialists and not easily understood. If you require further clarification, please contact the surgery for a clearer explanation.

Information about someone else – If you spot something in the record that is not about you or notice any other errors, please log out of the system immediately and contact the practice as soon as possible.

You can download the leaflet here – Patient Access Leaflet