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Online Services & How to Apply

This webpage covers what is Patient Access and How to Apply for anyone of the 3 levels of access.

Initial Access (prescription ordering, online appointment booking and allergies),

Full Access (View your electronic medical records as well as presciptions, online appointments etc)

Proxy Access (Proxy Access is where someone is given access to another person’s medical record)

Patient Access has been in use in the surgery for some years now and many of our patients are happily using it to book appointments (some appointments are temporarily suspended due to covid-19) and to order repeat prescriptions over the internet and view their electronic medical records. 

For new patients who have completed the registration process and included the identity documentation required you will have already been provided with the initial access.  If you wish to have Full Access please see further down this page for information and relevant forms.

Existing patient who do not have initial online access please complete the form below and provide the ID documentation requested.  For those who wish to update to Full Access please see the process further down below.

Please also read Patient Access – Patient Leaflet

INTIAL ACCESS  – online bookings and prescription management

Adults & Over 16’s will need to provide two forms of ID to ensure that the access information is given to the correct patient.

1.  Proof of Person – Photographic ID such as Passport, Driving Licence

2. Proof of Residency – such as an up to date utility bill, council tax bill or tenancy agreement etc

Form - Initial Patient Access (Appointments & Prescriptions)

Online access request to activate booking appointments and ordering prescriptions
  • Drop files here or
    ID Documents can be uploaded here. Please do not upload more than 2
  • To switch on proxy access for child under 11
  • To switch on proxy access for child under 11
  • To switch on proxy access for child under 11
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Information for Parents – For Proxy Access for children you have parental responsibility for, please ready the information below

Before a child develops the capacity to make an informed choice about their health care or who might have proxy access to their records, the usual position would be for the parents of the child to control access to their child’s record and online services.

Children vary in the age at which they are able to make an independent and informed decision about who should have access to their record. Young people from the age of 11 who are competent may give consent to proxy access (agree that their parent has access to their record) or refuse that access.

People aged 16 or above are assumed to be competent to make an independent and informed decision about whether to ask for someone to have proxy access to their GP online services and record, unless there is an indication that they are not.

Child access will automatically be disabled when a child reaches the age of 11

A competency assessment will be carried out by a GP and regardless of outcome a parent/guardian/carer will need to re-apply using the Proxy Access Registration Process, where a competent child must authorise the request for Proxy Access. This will be at the discretion of a clinician.

The competent young person may decide to:

1.  Stop their parents having access to their online record

2.  Allow their parents to have proxy access to their online record, or to allow limited proxy access to specific services, such as appointment booking or repeat prescription requests, but not to the medical records

3.  Request access to their online services where nobody currently has access

4.  Switch off all online access until such time as the young person chooses to request access.

Where a child is deemed by the GP not to be competent, a parent will apply for access but will be registered as a Proxy User. (This will be reviewed by the practice annually, or when the child attends a further appointment – whichever is the sooner)

Where parents still have access to their child’s online record when the child reaches their 16th birthday, the parents’ access will be withdrawn.

Care has to be taken to determine who has parental rights for a child under 11, or a patient over 16 who is not competent to control access. For anyone requesting online access to a child’s records we require proof of parental responsibility.


Patient Access also allows you to view your electronic medical records as well as manage your appointments and medication.

  • Results e.g. blood pressure, blood tests, records of X-rays
  • Vaccinations and immunisations
  • Medications
  • Letters to and from the doctor
  • Allergies, active problems
  • Consultations
  • Examination dates, investigations and outcomes

To access this once the initial access has been provided you will need to complete an additional form/s.  Your doctor will review these forms before access is provided and it is highly recommend reading the Patient Access – Patient Leaflet

To apply for Full Access please choose the appropriate form below.

Full Access for Patients aged 16yrs and Over

Proxy Access Forms Children 0-10

Proxy Access Forms for children 11-15yrs

Proxy Access Forms for Patients aged 16 plus

Once completed

Upload File/Form

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