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Notice of Merger – Dr Bowman, Dr England and Dr Warren and Partners

Posted on August 19th, 2019


We are pleased to inform our patients that Dr Bowman, Dr England and Dr Warren and Partners based at Whitby Group Practice will be merging in December 2019. We have been carefully considering the feasibility of a merger for some time and have the approval of the West Cheshire Clinical Group and NHS England. 

The new surgery for all three practices will be called Whitby Health Partnership.

We are proud of our practices and the personal care we have maintained over the years and have always been touched by the positive feedback and support from our patients.  We are pleased that our teams will be uniting and will continue to provide care for you.

Our vision is to deliver an efficient healthcare service to meet the changing needs of our local population.  We aim to improve access for our patients so that they are able to see a clinician with the right expertise to deal with their problem. We feel the best way of achieving this is through innovative collaborative working in a skill mix team.

We hope you will find the following information helpful in answering some questions you may have.

Why are you merging practices?

As we are sure you are aware, over the past few years, there has been increased pressure placed upon General Practice. The increasing elderly population, the growth in long term conditions and the need to move more work from secondary care into the community means that General Practice needs to expand and innovate to absorb this increased workload. Whilst all practices are performing very well they are under strain. We believe that the best way to continue to offer our patients an innovative, sustainable, quality service into the future is to merge our practices.


What does the merger mean for patients?

  • Improvements to the overall range and quality of services to patients.
  • Improved access to more clinical staff for patients.
  • Improved patient choice and increased GP and nurse availability.


How will this merger affect my care? 

  • There will be no detrimental effect to the care that you receive.
  • You can continue to see the same doctor that you see at the moment.
  • We will continue to operate at our current address
  • You will have a wider choice of which doctor to see.
  • There will be no reduction in services.
  • Introduction of electronic prescribing


Can I still see my usual GP or Nurse?

Yes, you can still see your usual GP or Nurse.


How will you provide enough appointments?

The practice team will regularly review the number of appointments available: GP and nurse appointments will not be reduced. The merger will result in a greater appointment availability for patients overall.


Do I need to re-register with my GP?

You will not need to do anything; the merger has no effect on your registration and your entitlement to NHS care.


Would I have to stay with the merged practice?

No, if you do not wish to remain with the merged practice you are free at any time to register with another GP practice, provided you live within their practice catchment area.


How are you planning to keep patients informed of the progress of the merger?

Updates will be available in the form of postings on the website, posters in the waiting room and text alerts.  Please provide us with an up to date mobile number to ensure you receive important text alerts.


Dr Bowman, Dr Warren and Dr England Partners


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