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Non-NHS Services

Private Medical Examinations

These are available for insurance, HGV and pre-employment purposes. A fee is charged based on the recommended published sales from the BMA. Please ask at reception. Private Charges

Some of the work or requests we are asked to cary out by patients is not covered by the NHS. As a result a fee may be payable. Please find below more information about our charrges for non NHS work.

Medical Examinations

Some insurance forms can appear deceptively simple but need a full examination for their completion. Examinations of this nature take time and, therefore, a fee has to be charged.

A special appointment will be required and the fee payable at the time of the appointment. Please advise the reception staff at the time of booking. It is extremely helpful if the form can be left at the surgery prior to your appointment.

Pre-employment, HGV and PSV licenses are not paid for by the NHS.


The Doctor is only allowed to sign a passport application if they have known you personally for a minimum of two years. Doctors are not the only people who can sign your passport application.

Cancellation of Holiday

Holiday cancellation insurance does not require a doctor’s letter. It needs an official claim form obtained from your insurers (part of which you need to complete). If the doctor is asked to sign the form, it will be checked and completed as appropriate. There is a fee for this.

Private Fees Travel Vaccinations and Fees for Non NHS Services

The following are charges for services that are not covered by the General Medical Services contract and have to be paid as a private service. The list is not exhaustive and is only a guide to some of the charges that come under private work.

If you are unsure weather a charge may be applied please ask at reception. Charges may change from time to time.

Private and Professional Fees – November 2018


Certificate of Fact- simple short note  (Gp time < 10 minutes) £20

Private Fit Note (Work or School)                                                    £20

Moderately complex letter (Gp time 10-30minutes)                    £40

  • Housing
  • School letter
  • University letter
  • Gym

Letter requiring significant amount of information

(GP time > 30 minutes)                                                           £60

Fitness to travel Certificate

  • Certificate only                                                                £40
  • Certificate and exam                                                      £100

Holiday cancellation Certificate/ Insurance                       £40

Insurance claim Form/ Income Protection                         £40

Private medical claim forms                                                    £40

Solicitors report                                                                          £120

Seatbelt exemption

  • Examination and report                                                 £160
  • Report only                                                                        £86

HGV/PCV/Taxi driver Examination and report                  £120

Private Blood Test                                                                       £33

Passport/ Driving Licence Countersignature                        £30

Insurance Proposal                                                                     £100

School Fees Claim form                                                             £40

Shotgun Licence                                                                          £70

Private Consultation

e.g.  Overseas Patient not entitled to NHS treatment          £70

Employment medical                                                                  £180

Employment Report without medical (GP letter)                 £120

Employment report on pro-forma                                             £90

Extract from records for Employer                                            £70

Road Traffic Accident (if seen within 24 hours)

  • per person treated                                                               £21.30

Mental Capacity Certificate   COP3 examination                    £120

COP3 report no exam                £100

Adoption Medical- carer assessment (Form AH)                    £100

Update report (Form AH2)                                                          £70

Looked after child health assessment (from IH)                     £100

Full medical examination of child Forms C, D, YP or AME  £120

Obstetric neonatal report Forms M, B                                        £60