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Booking Your Blood Test

Have you been requested to have a blood test?

We know that over recent months it has been difficult at times to access blood tests locally, One Ellesmere Port Primary Care Network is a collaboration of the six local GP Practices across the town who are working together with the common goal of creating a better future for their patients. As a part of achieving this goal, the Network has worked together with colleagues from the Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust to introduce a new Phlebotomy (or blood test) service for Ellesmere Port.

You will be able to access a dedicated blood test clinic located at Stanney Lane Clinic in Ellesmere Port (Stanney Lane, CH65 9AE) or the 1829 Building, Liverpool Road, Chester and it is available to patients from across the six practices in Ellesmere Port.

One Ellesmere Port Primary Care Network Phlebotomy Service – by Appointment Only
  • Be located in Stanney Lane Clinic, Stanney Lane, Ellesmere Port, CH65 9AE or the 1829 Building, Liverpool Road, Chester.
  • Operate from 8:00am – 5:00pm (17:00hrs), Monday to Friday
  • Provide services for all 6 GP Practices within the PCN
  • Provide the current provision and additional resource to address the capacity constraints due to COVID-19 via the existing provider, the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
  • By appointment only, walks in are NOT accepted. To book via the online booking system Click Here to Book 
  • If you are able to get online but do not have your own email address you can use coch.bloods@nhs.net to book your test.
  • If you are a Whitby Health Partnership patient and do not have access to the internet, computer, laptop, smartphone or iPad you can ring 0151 355 6144 where a member of the reception team can book your appointment.
  • If you are not a patient of Whitby Health Partnership please contact your own practice
  • The Service No longer requires GP Practices to provide a printed request form for patients, however your GP practice do need to add the blood request form to your notes so please complete the form below.  You can only complete this form if you are a patient of Whitby Health Partnership. If you are not a patient of Whitby Health Partnership please contact your own practice.

Request My Blood Form

  • Please provide details to enable our reception team to create the appropriate form. for example - Monthly Methotrexate Monitoring or Annual Diabetes Blood Tests
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Extended Hours at the Ellesmere Port Hospital will still be offering a phlebotomy service during evenings and at the weekend,  to book an appointment please ring 0300 123 7743.

Important – You will need to have a printed blood form if you have an appointment with Extended Hours Service, please request using form above

Please note that the new Phlebotomy Service currently does not have a telephone number. The telephone number for the dressing service previously located at Stanney Lane Clinic has moved with that service to their new location, therefore you will not be able to access the new Phlebotomy Service via this number.


1) I’m not able to get online and I don’t have an email address, how can I do this?

Your GP receptionist will be able to book your appointment for you if you’re unable to get online. If you are able to get online and don’t have your own email address you can use coch.bloods@nhs.net to book your test.

2) I don’t know where Stanney Lane is.

The full address is Stanney Lane Clinic, Ellesmere Port, CH65 9AE. There is free car parking on site and across the road in Whitby Park. The clinic where you will have your bloods taken is on the ground floor.

3) How will I know where to go when I get to the clinic?

There will be plenty of signs at the clinic showing you where to go to wait to see a phlebotomist to get your bloods taken. When you arrive at the clinic you’ll be asked to wait in a chair that has been dedicated for your GP Practice, look for the signs for your GP Practice chair and wait for your name to be called.

4) I always take a blood form from my GP when I have my blood taken, will I need to visit the practice first to collect this?

No – this new process means you don’t need to bring any additional paperwork. Just arrive at the clinic at your appointment time and give your name, date of birth and first line of your address to the phlebotomist who will take your blood. Remember your GP practice do need to add a blood form to your notes (use the form below to request)

5) Do I need to follow any additional guidelines or measures?

The clinic is following strict COVID-19 guidelines so we ask that you do not attend the clinic if you have any coronavirus symptoms and that you:

  •  Come to your appointment on your own where possible
  •  Attend the clinic at your appointment time, no earlier or later
  •  Wear a face covering that covers your nose and mouth
  •  Follow social distancing regulations
  •  Follow hand-hygiene measures