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Armed Forces veteran friendly Accredited Practice

Posted on May 4th, 2022


Patient charter: our commitment to you as a veteran of the UK Armed Forces

Whitby Health Partnership is here to help improve your health and wellbeing and keep you mentally and physically well. It is also here to help you get better when you are ill and, when you cannot fully recover, to

stay as well as you can until the end of your life.  This means that you can expect the following from our practice:

  • We will ask all patients if they have served
    in the UK Armed Forces (as a regular or
    reservist). If you have, we will note this in
    your medical record, with your permission.


  • We will ask you to share details of your time
    in service to help us to assess the best support
    and treatment for you.


  • The information you share will be kept
    confidential and we will always speak to you
    before sharing this with other services you
    may be referred to.


  • You can make an appointment to see our clinical
    lead for veteran’s health. This person has a
    comprehensive understanding of the Armed
    Forces, health conditions linked to service, and
    the dedicated support you can access.


  • The NHS has a duty to support the health
    commitments of the Armed Forces Covenant.
    This means that you will get priority
    treatment for any medical condition which
    has been caused by your service, subject to the
    clinical needs of other patients.


  • We will let you know what choices are available
    for your care and treatment and help you to
    make informed decisions on what to do.


  • Where appropriate and with your consent,
    we can refer you to dedicated veterans health


  • If you need to be seen by another service, we
    will let them know you’re a veteran and make
    sure they have an understanding of your
    health and wellbeing needs, so you don’t have
    to keep repeating your ‘personal story’.


  • We can give advice and support to your loved
    ones who may be affected by your health


  • We will investigate any issues and complaints
    that you may have about your care. If you
    have any concerns about the services we offer,
    please speak to one of the practice team.