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Whitby Health Partnership

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Access to Whitby Health Partnership Building

Posted on May 14th, 2020

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WE ARE STILL OPEN – Monday to Friday 8:00am till 6:30pm

Due to the current COVID-19 situation we closed the main internal entry door into the surgery to reduce the spread of the virus through people coming into the surgery who do not absolutely have to.

If you have spoken to a healthcare professional and have been invited to attend the surgery for an appointment please use the buzzer located on the right hand wall by the main internal entry door to gain entry.

Green Zone Upstairs This area is strictly out of bounds and access is by invitation only by a healthcare professional.

Post Box – We have a post box located on the main internal entry door for patients who are asked to bring samples.  You need to put post them through box located on the entry door, ensuring that the lid is tightly fastened and your details are enclosed in the sample bag.  If it is to big please use the buzzer and a member of the reception team will come to take the sample from you, please remember to observe the social distancing protocols.

Prescriptions can also be posted however we would encourage you to sign up for online access to order future prescriptions – info can be found by clicking HERE If you do not have a computer, smart phone or tablet your local pharmacy can set you up on a repeat prescription service, click HERE for more information.

Table – In the interior you will see a table which will have empty sample pots and bags and New Patient Registration Forms.  Preferably we would ask that you complete the New Patient Registration Forms online HERE

We appreciate you patience and co-operation during this time and will continue to post updates